We welcome anyone that would like to help us create articles for our blog! 

If you have an idea, you can email our editor directly at 

Concerning all of our running related articles, we have three formats depending on how much time you have:

1. Question and Answer format  – you give us an idea, and then we send you 5-10 questions to answer. This should take you only 15-30 minutes maximum and don’t worry about editing, we’ll do that for you. Click here to see an example of this format. 

2. One Paragraph (and maybe a little bit more) – a very short article which is essentially just one paragraph about something interesting, and we post it with a related photo. This should take you 15-45 minutes of time. Click here to see an example of this format. 

3. Feature Article – A feature can be multiple paragraphs including photos, videos, and other links. This can take as long as you think is necessary to perfect it.  Click here to see an example of this format. 

We are also open to any other type of content you may have that is Empire Runners related!!!


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