Dale Peterson

Dale has been a member of the Empire Runners since 1992. A past President and Board Member, Dale has also served as the race director for the Jackrabbit Derby since 1997. Dale has run the Chicago, Boston and New York City Marathons among others.

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Chris Mason

Chris is a local race director, timer extraordinaire, web dude and Empire Runner since 2004.

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Empire Runners

The Empire Runners Club is a welcoming community of runners that invite people of all ages and backgrounds to join us in camaraderie, training, races, and other club events.

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Doug Murdoch

Backpack and luggage fanatic, obsessive runner, and world traveller. I take some photos now and then. In the afternoon I enjoy a double caffè macchiato with a small cookie.

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Paul Berg

Paul is a photographer, runner and farmer based in Sebastopol CA.

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Over 60 year old runner. Enjoy all sports, music, art, reading, writing, travel. Married with 3 children, twin girls and a boy.

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One thought on “BLOGGERS”

  1. Enjoyed reading Cathy Dubay’s piece and her post-cancer wisdom…I remember racing against her a few times, the Boonville 5k being my favorite when she was gaining on me near the finish but I outkicked her, and I believe we both broke our respective age records.


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