2 thoughts on “Prefontaine Quote –”

  1. Really enjoyed your blog, especially the piece about turning 50! I have so much to say about that, and have written about it in various columns and articles over the years, but to be brief: 1) The skinny part I’ve experienced my whole life because I’m still 130 pounds, my college wrestling weight; 2) I totally agree with your friend John about how many miles your body can handle over the years…they say it takes about 7 years to peak out if you start in your 40s or 50s, so I’d say you haven’t reached your potential yet. 3) I love track too…and by the way, the 2:09 I did at age 54 at the Empire Runner’s Summer Track Series in the Summer of ’98 was really a 2:08.9 which would have tied the American 50-54 age division, but Jim Noonan timed me unofficially, while the official woman (forget who) was timing for the first time.
    Enough…and Doug when I get back to the Mainland sometime this year I will let you know. I’d love to see Hutch and Larry and all again…Aloha


    1. This is my sixth year running, so I have two full years until I hit my potential! Great!!
      I’m pretty sure I met Jim Noonan at a Home Depot party (my wife was working there) and he and I talked track for about an hour. I told him to get in shape and meet me on the track! He was a steeplechaser, right? Cheers, Doug


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