Member Profile: Daniel Skandera

Hey Daniel! How old are you and where do you go to school?   I’m seven years-old and I’m home schooled.

Why do you like to run?   I like to run because my dad was a runner and I like to win. I also like it because I like to run with my oldest brother, Abraham.

Tell us a very short story about one of your favorite races.  One of my favorite races is the Kenwood footrace. I liked the 2014 Kenwood because I did well at that race. I was trying to get on the all-time list right behind 2 of my older brothers, and I did it! Also, I love Martinelli’s!!!

Kenwood 3K July 4th, 2014

How many people are in your family, and are they all runners? There are eleven, (almost twelve) people in my family, and yes we’re all runners, but my Dad is injured.

Do you prefer going barefoot or wearing shoes? I like going barefoot because it’s not as heavy and I can get my legs up faster. I like shoes for trails and the road, though.

What’s your favorite school subject and why? Spelling is my favorite subject because it doesn’t take too long.

What’s your favorite post race treat?   Beef or Turkey Jerky!

2014 Empire Runners Club Jack Rabbit 3M race, May 18th 2014.


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