The Destination Race Soliloquy, by Brad Zanetti

When was the last time you had a destination race experience? Has it been awhile or are you wondering what is he talking about? Well for those new to racing or those just happy to get it over with and on with your life already, the destination race includes some travel and some pre and/or post race timeframe hopefully with some other like minded runners. Living in Sonoma County we are so lucky as Empire Runners with 12 FREE races a year and another race available weekly within a 25 mile radius. Add in the PA racing schedule for XC and Road racing and there are more races to run in close proximity than any sane man or woman should consider running.

The beauty of the destination run is there isn’t such a hurry to get there, race and go home. The beauty is you can take your time getting to the destination, make the race your priority then take your time heading home maybe visiting other points of interest on the way. In essence the race though important is secondary to the experience of the destination and/or the group whom you share the experience.

In past blogs and issues there have been many stories of destination races some lasting a week or more, most a weekend or long weekend. Some of them have been to exotic locals like Boston(marathon), Carlsbad (5000), Ashland and Vietnam (half marathon) others more local like Auburn (Blood, Sweat and Beers), Dipsea and Lake Tahoe (Decelle Memorial).

These mentioned destinations have had some great history amongst many of the Empire Runners. Ask around and you might be surprised how many people have gone to these and other destination races alone or with groups as many of these have been multiple destinations over many years. Ask yourself if  this is something that interests you or would be willing to try. If so, ask around (races), show up at the group runs or show up at the ER meetings (third Thursday each month). For more info you might ask the famous 2008 Boston Marathon group who spent a week near Boston in the ‘Mansion’, multiple groups who have attended a 4 day weekend in San Diego/Carlsbad in a boutique hotel (cookies and milk at bedtime) or many teams who have spent the long weekend in Lake Tahoe circumnavigating the great blue lake.

Some upcoming trips ALREADY in planning for 2016 include:

1- Carlsbad 5000, 4/1-4/4 – brew tours, Sea World, SD Zoo, Legoland and the fastest 5K in the world.

2- Dipsea Race- Mt Tam- June 2016 one of the classic courses in the U.S. (World?)

3- Olympic Trials – Eugene , OR, 6/30-7/11plus age group miles on the historic Hayward Field track or the Butte to Butte 10K.

Some ideas for future trips. Let me know what you think.

Lilac Bloomsday 12K Race, Spokane, May

Falmouth 7 mile Race, Falmouth, MA, Aug

5th Ave Mile, New York, NY, September

If this is all too much planning or just plain TOO MUCH then how about this. If the planets align like this year, how about the San Bruno Mtn 5K, followed by an afternoon of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. This could be stretched into 3 days of music festival with a beautiful 5K thrown in….It Boggles the Mind!

One thought on “The Destination Race Soliloquy, by Brad Zanetti”

  1. Great article bead! Destination races make great vacations but the best part is when you leave the north bay the competition is often less than what we encounter in our local races! We could call them destination and hardware races.


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