Running in Prescott, Arizona, by Doug Murdoch

I recently spent a week in Prescott, Arizona and all I can say is that the running trails there are outstanding,  with most trails at  4500 – 6500 hundred feet elevation.


The run that I photographed is at the base of Granite Mountain, which had everything from flat wide trails to small rolling hills, through forested and large bouldered areas, as well as some scenic views. Here is the Garmin link to look at the run on a map:


Most runners focus their attention on Flagstaff to the north of Prescott, and Flagstaff does have some incredible running. But the thing about Prescott is the wide variety of running trails all within twenty minutes of downtown.  The town has really done a great job of creating, maintaining, and marking the trails.


In my opinion it’s a great running destination vacation spot. Plus your  close to Sedona, and it’s not so far to Flagstaff (about an hour and half north).


Here are some other runs that I did while in Prescott:

Pevine Trail: Flat, wide dirt trail that used to be a railroad line.  About 6 miles roundtrip to the Y junction, but it could be extended with the trail below for 14 miles total.  Garmin link:

Iron Springs Trail: This one starts in Prescott Valley and goes west to meet up with the Pevine Trail above.  Another flat rockless trail.  8 miles roundtrip, but you could make it more  or less as desired. Garmin link:

Pioneer Park: Lots of trails to choose from  – rolling small hills to medium rocky trails. Garmin link:

Goldwater Lakes:  Beautiful trail-run passing two lakes – if you go the full distance, it’s about 9 miles round trip. Highly recommended. Garmin link:

Granite Mountain Area:  A fantastic location – many possibilities. About twenty minutes from downtown.  This is where the photos were taken for this blog post.  Garmin link:


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