ERC Vineman Aid Station Wins!!!

On Jul 30, 2015, at 7:02 AM, Michelle Pool wrote:

Hello fellow ERC Vineman volunteers,

I want to THANK YOU again for taking time out to help support the athletes in the Vineman races. I know they appreciate your efforts very much. I really hope you consider joining the ERC volunteer team for next year’s race.

Sep15Vineman4     Sep15Vineman6     Sep15Vineman7

It was really a pleasure to meet you all. What a great team!

So………. not only do we think we’re the best,  but apparently so does the Vineman Race Team. Our Aid Station #3 was voted best Aid Station of the Vineman races!!!

Not only do we hold the title but they gave us a load of swag to share as well.

Mike McGuire has kindly put together a list of the items we have to share but he has also come up with a way to get them fairly distributed. Please see his instructions below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Michelle Pool


One thought on “ERC Vineman Aid Station Wins!!!”

  1. Hey…looking for instructions regarding swag…I don’t see anything….

    In the meantime I’ll he to say that that aid station looks great! When my little ones are a bit older I will have to volunteer to help 🙂

    Proud to be an Empire Runner!



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