Brad’s Corner – Everything you wanted to know about Porta-Potties


Are you kidding me? You’re probably saying to yourself.  Has the Zeeman truly lost it? Is it old age? Have I run too many midday scorcher runs and self-induced some brain damage? Lord, I hope not. Usually you can expect a monthly running book or movie review in this blogspot but I had a recent 9 hour flight back from North Carolina via Houston and took that time to read a couple of running magazines, ‘Competitor’ and ‘Runners World’.

The ‘Competitor’ is a free magazine found in our local running shops. As a free magazine I didn’t have many expectations. I thought it would mostly have advertisements and maybe a couple of short articles and race ads. Seriously what caught my eye was the cover photo of Emma Coburn (top US Steepler) in full stride. On closer examination the cover notes: Get New Kicks (15 shoe reviews), Get Fit Get Faster, Elite Advice on Recovery,  and Beer and Running implored me give this rag a chance. And I was favorably impressed. I found ‘Competitor’ magazine to be a rather nice little magazine. Photos were of high quality, the writing was good and the articles were complete when necessary and brief when the subject matter was to the point. I thoroughly enjoyed the feature article on Emma Coburn. The shoe reviews have a fair amount of data though the are not critically reviewed. The Beer and Running article was particularly good and reminded me why I enjoy the Thursday night runs at Howarth Park.  The social run is the hallmark of a well rounded running program.

Not expecting much from a free magazine I was pleasantly surprised at the content of the ‘Competitor’ and will search it out in the coming months. If you are in need of some easy reading or you’re at one of our local running stores trying on shoes or clothes take a moment and grab yourself a free ride.

Knowing the nine hour trip would need something to fill the dead time I pursued the shops at the airport and only found Runners World in this genre. Normally, I don’t follow Runners World any longer as I don’t find it a good value ($4.99 each or $1 monthly with an annual subscription) or a great read. I am more of a ‘Running Times’ and ‘Trail Runner’ fan but being a shoe buyers guide sucker, and that being the cover headline,  I was all in for this choice.

A quick flip through the September issue displayed an article on adult XC (yeah), ice bath and other recovery treatments, power foods and recipes, strength training for runners and the aforementioned shoe buyers guide; certainly enough to keep me interested. After reading these interesting articles, some peanuts and a ginger ale, I awoke from a nap and thumbed through the Runners World again whereupon my eyes picked up the headline- Everything You Wanted to Know about Porta-potties… This is exactly why I don’t routinely read RW anymore ! Come on…porta-potties? Though I got quite a laugh as I reread the headline and did read the article anyway it stymied me that a major running magazine would stoop to this. I thought it would be funny and a joke, but no, a timetable of porta-pottie development (A Tinkle in Time!?) – COME ON!  Toilet paper information as well: quality, quantity, standards, amenities, the smell, Le ‘Bleu’ stuff, User to Potty ratios, ……. Unbelievable!. Yep Runners World  may have hit a new low. All anyone needs to know about porta potties when you get to the race is where they are, if there are any alternatives nearby,  and if possible get in there early and often. I think Runners World  may have left the proverbial toilet seat up on running articles.

One thought on “Brad’s Corner – Everything you wanted to know about Porta-Potties”

  1. Brad you’re such a potty -mouth! I agree on your magazine asessment ( trail runner mag is my go to though half of it is ultra and longer pro racing centric)


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