The Marin Miracle Mile, with Reesey Byers

The Marin Miracle Mile is a USA Track & Field certified course and part of the USA Track & Field Pacific Association Grand Prix racing circuit, which took place July 12th in San Rafael. We wanted to get Reesey Byers take on the Men’s Open race!

Question: This was your first road race mile – how where your expectations different than the reality of the race?

I didn’t put any expectations on myself for this race. I just wanted to go out there, have fun and represent Strava well. I was a little surprised to be the first Strava member, I was really happy I could make an immediate impact to the team. Having just done a bunch of mileage lately I just wanted to come in and run as hard as I could and contribute.

The course was 400 meters down hill with two ninety degree turns, then 600 meters uphill with a 180 U turn at the top, then about 600 meters down to the finish line – what did you think of the course?

I really liked the course. It made the race a little bit more interesting adding some inclines and down hills. For time purposes I kind of wish it was just a flat Road mile to see what I could run but it was all about having fun and competing.

How was the competition – did you know any other guys in the race?

The competition was really good. I actually knew most of the top guys in the race. A bunch of us warmed up and cool down together before and after the race, we were all joking with each other about who beat who. It’s always fun when you can have friendly rivalry.

The Miracle Mile, Sunday July 12, 2015, San Rafael, California. Full results here:
The Miracle Mile, Sunday July 12, 2015, San Rafael, California. Full results here:

We noticed in the photo of you coming into the finish line your grimacing – what was going on mentally at that moment?

I just wanted to get to the finish line as quickly as I could. I had already been passed by two guys and I wanted to make sure I didn’t get passed by anyone else.

What was your time and where you satisfied with that as your first road race mile?

I ran 4:19. Timewise I wasn’t really pleased I was hoping to run much closer if not under 4:10. It appears that this year was much slower than last year so based off place I was pretty happy. It felt good just to be able to compete in the front and go for it.

Would you recommend this race?

I would definitely recommend this race especially as a first road mile because although it is competitive it’s also a lot of fun. Runners from all ages and talent levels come out to this race and see what they can do.

Since you graduated from Sacramento State, what you’re your post collegiate running plans? And tell us about Strava.

Strava is an elite development group. They are sponsored by brooks (which is good for me) and they are not location exclusive so we have many athletes all over California. What I liked about Strava is that they are very team oriented. We participate in PA cross country championships and club nationals as a team and many other cross-country, road and track races as a team. I knew a few people in the group and they really made me feel like I’d be an important member of the group and we are very supportive of each other. Most if not all of the members have part-time or full-time jobs so we aren’t making a living from Strava but we do get a great amount of support. Ex: entry fee coverage, travel fee support, gear, potentially hotel bookings, stipends are some ways that Strava support us.

The Miracle Mile, Sunday July 12, 2015, San Rafael, California. Full results here:
The Miracle Mile, Sunday July 12, 2015, San Rafael, California. Full results here:

What are some of your races in the near future?

My next race is the wharf to wharf six miler in Santa Cruz. I’ve never done this race before so I’m really excited. I got into the elite section so I’ll be running up there with those Kenyans (will try to anyway). After that I’m not going to be racing for a while, just building a good base for a few months and will probably start racing late September early October.

Reesey got 5th place with a time of 4:19 at the Marin Miracle Mile. Full results here:

Link to the event:

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