The Long and Short of North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park

Every runner gets stale.  We all get tired and have times when runs seem more like a chore than the joy that they should be.  Sometimes all that is needed to refresh your running is a little change of scenery.

Recently I was feeling very flat, beat up and literally run down.  Some of this was due to little nagging injuries.  Some to the general bone-tired feeling you get in the middle of marathon training before the body adapts to the mileage, but most of it was due I think to doing the same run in the same place over and over again.

I’d been thinking about returning to the new North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park ever since Robin and I did a run there in early spring but I never seemed to make it.  This past weekend I finally got back and boy was I glad I did!

If you have never been there, it is time you went.  North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park is located off of Sonoma Mtn. Rd. not far from the Pressley Rd. intersection.

The trails are true single-track, mostly shaded and uncrowded.  The best thing is that the main trail takes you up a series of steep but manageable switchbacks revealing fantastic views of Bennett Mtn. and Bennett Valley on your way to Jack London State Historical Park.


On my run Sunday I made it well into Jack London but apparently far short of the storied Beauty Ranch and Wolf House.  My run was over 2 hours in length overall (seven minutes faster coming down than going up).  You can definitely get a nice long run there.  I did not see another human-being for the first hour and forty-five minutes which is the way I like it.

Legs and spirit that had been feeling old and sluggish felt young and energized right from the first step.  When running becomes work, turn it back into an adventure.

2 thoughts on “The Long and Short of North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park”

  1. I’ve gone the full out and back, lot to lot, from North Sonoma mountain regional to Jack London and back. 15.5 miles, 3000′ gain. Took me just under 3 hours but I was hustling. The trail is longer with a more gradual climb on the north slope side. One you cross into Jack London it gets a lot steeper and more woodsy. At the apex of the trail there is another trail to the summit. Only about another .5 mile to see the views from the peak. Pretty darn sweet!

    Love these trail reviews!


  2. Great write up… I miss these types of adventures on my runs… Can’t wait to get back west one day to live and enjoy running the way I remember it! Keep on Truckin!


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