Celebrate Olympic Day 2015 at Summer Series Track Meet #2 ‐ June 23rd

June 23rd is the anniversary date for the founding of the modern Olympic Games by Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. To honor what has been the greatest global peace movement by engaging in sport by the World’s youth, the International Olympic Committee and the US Olympic Committee encourage the staging of Olympic Day celebrations on this date. Baron Pierre de Coubertin The Empire Runners Club of Sonoma County has as its central mission to encourage exercise and health through running and to provide support through volunteerism and sizable monetary donations to the running programs for Sonoma County’s youth. Primarily this has benefitted local schools and children, but not exclusively. One such set of events is our annual Summer Track Series – this year at Santa Rosa High School. Our second meet is set for June 23rd. As such, we have applied for and been granted by the USOC permission to designate our event an Official Olympic Day event. These open track meets draw several hundred participants, half of which are 18 or younger. It is our objective for the June 23rd meet to draw attention to the Olympic Movement, its high principles and to the Olympians amongst us as inspiration for all who attend. Our program ‐ 30 minutes long – will start immediately after the 1st event, the Mile Run (approx. 6:30 pm):

  • Presentation of the USA and Olympic colors
  • Honor the USA with the National Anthem
  • Pronouncement as Olympic Day in Santa Rosa by Santa Rosa Mayor, John Sawyer
  • Introduction of Olympic athletes to meet and sign autographs for the younger kids
  • Recitation of the Olympic Oath for athletes encouraging fair play and sportsmanship
  • Have in attendance two Olympic torches and their bearers – both Empire Runners.

Please feel free to contact me for info. We encourage a large turnout. If you plan to run in the track series, please pre‐register online. http://www.empirerunners.org/event‐1862604. First event is at 6 pm. Please plan to join us and introduce your children to the Olympic Movement. John Harmon Olympic Day Coordinator Empire Runners Club of Sonoma County xcteams@empirerunners.org mobile 707 547 7412

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