The Long and Short of Bi-Focal Running Glasses

Do you wear glasses? Do you wear non-prescription sunglasses when you run? Is it getting harder to see the numbers on your running-watch?

You may be interested in the running-glasses I recently bought online.

Until recently I could still see my running-watch well enough to fake it wearing non-prescription sunglasses. Now I’ve owned a couple of pairs of prescription sunglasses over the years, but I have found them to be quite expensive and worse – they are not always fully covered by my insurance. Consequently I recently found myself without a decent pair to use while being reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars to get a new pair. My close up vision has gotten so bad however, I knew I would have to either get prescription sunglasses, a bigger watch or a longer arm!

One day while surfing the ‘net I strayed upon “bi-focal reading glasses” and finally “bi-focal running glasses” and found the SunCloud Zephyr bi-focal “readers” which are styled like a classic pair of running sunglasses. In addition they are polarized and offer UV protection. You can get the bi-focal “reader” portion of the lens in a variety of powers to suit your eyes (mine are +1.50).

SunCloud is one of a number of companies offering these type of glasses. I got mine at LL Bean for about $79 after shipping.

As soon as I first tried them on I liked them. I was afraid the bi-focals would be a distraction or a safety hazard but these fears have proven to be unfounded. The bi-focals are placed low enough on the lens that you cannot easily accidentally look through them, but when you hold your watch up to check your splits the numbers come magically into focus.

I wore them at the Loop de Loop after only using them for about a week with no issues.

I love them. You might want to check them out yourself.

DM Peterson

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