Photo Essay – Anthony Rink, 2015 XC State Championships

(Local runner and photographer Anthony Rink went to the 2015 state XC championships, and here are some of his photos with captions.)

IMG_0003 copy 2

Sonoma Academy girls team post race at the finish line of the CIF state cross country championships. At this time all athletes have to remove the electronic chips from their shoes before leaving the finish area. Athletes Rylee Bowen, Mckenna Sell, and Kayja Mann.

IMG_0204 copy 2

Start of the division one girls race, just over a quarter mile from the start. This leads down the road to the entrance of woodward park where they take a hard left turn onto the park course.

IMG_9772 copy 2

Two leaders of the division four race. They are just past the two mile mark of the three point one mile course. On the left is athlete Morgin Coonfield who finishes second overall.

IMG_9826 copy 2

Just after the start of the division three boys race. As the runners begin to sort out their best position to be in for the race.

IMG_9849 copy 2

First place division three boys race. Athlete Austin Tamagno finishing in 14:45:9 as the second fastest overall athlete to compete.

IMG_9919 copy 2

Almost one mile into the division five girls race. The pack of runners begins to thin out as they get further into the race. Sonoma Academy athlete Rylee Bowen hangs onto the front pack of runners to pull her through the race.

IMG_9968 copy 2

This is the two mile mark of the division five girls race. As the front pack of the race thins out Rylee Bowen is positioned right behind the first runner. Bowen continues to move up and win the race.

IMG_0297 copy

Finish of the division one girls race. Athlete Delaney White on her final push to the finish line, placing 12th.

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