Jim Crowhurst’s Running Blog!

The following is from  Albert Caruana at Cross Country Express –  http://www.crosscountryexpress.com/2016/01/covering-high-school-track-cross.html

For those of you that were faithful visitors to Jim Crowhurst’s sites that covered Cross Country and Track & Field in the Redwood Empire (NBL, SCL and CMC), you are in luck. Jim has the site back up which you can find at the link below. The site includes tons of statistics dating back many decades and will be a great resource for those 3 leagues for this coming track and field season.


The site is no longer associated with the Santa Rosa Press Democrat so donations are welcome to help with the upkeep of the site. Check the link on the site for more information in regards to donations.


One thought on “Jim Crowhurst’s Running Blog!”

  1. Hi Jim
    Not sure this still gets to you or if you are still tracking this stuff, but … I have a new addition to the Freshman Best list in the 300 hurdles. Marcus Wolski ran a 44.18 at yesterdays Twilight meet.
    Thanks Leslie Wolski


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