McGuire’s Breakfast Run 2015, by Mike McGuire

Since 1980 McGuire’s Breakfast Run has been held in the neighborhood around Hidden Valley School. Originally it conflicted with the New York Marathon, but we came to an agreement with them, moving to different Sundays, to the satisfaction of all involved.

Jan16_McGuire003Our Breakfast Run is an actual 3K course and a close-to-10K course that gives runners a chance to build up an appetite for the pot luck that follows. This year we probably had the biggest turnout ever. The club policy of free entry to club members has added incentive to runners who want to challenge the steep ups and downs of the longer run. Despite a couple of misdirects, we had 43 finishers in the 3K and 33 in the 10K. Complete results are posted on the club website, for the 10K and the 3K.


Many finishers and family members were able to stay for breakfast which included a wonderful selection of hot and cold items. Expectations ran high when awards were given out. The traditional choices are lottery tickets or large chocolate bars. The gambling spirit was in the air as the lottery tickets were snapped up before the candy. We had our biggest ever winning ticket – $20! Lots of people stayed for quite a while to chat and enjoy the post event cool down.


But with the stellar help of several volunteers, the gym at the school was cleaned better than before we arrived and everyone was soon on the way to a warm and bright Sunday afternoon. Thanks to all who attended the run and who were able to join us for breakfast. We’re on the calendar for next year, November 27. Come by to give it try. Who knows what your lottery chances might be?


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