Top 6 Reasons to join Empire Runners Club over the Galactic Empire! by Trevor Swallow

New Year’s Resolutions are fast approaching and, of course, we know you were planning on joining the Empire Runners Club. BUT, in case you were being recruited to join the Galactic Empire due to the new Star Wars movie coming out, here are the . . .

Top 6 Reasons to join Empire Runners Club over the Galactic Empire!

You’re More Than a Number!


With tens of thousands of identical clones, it can be difficult to stand out in the Galactic Empire crowd. Awaken your individuality in the Empire Runners Club (ERC). Plus, wardrobe colors and styles are totally up to you! (Hint: More than just white)

Positive Motivation


It’s shocking, but motivation can be a powerful thing. Get more positive support and encouragement with the Runners Club. With weekly training options and social gatherings, it’s easy to plug in, get going, and stay on target.

Variety of Terrain


Ever get bored seeing the same things over and over? Try living on a giant metal space station! No way! Explore beautiful natural landscapes with ERC at many different race locations throughout Sonoma County.

Run Together, but Race Yourself


Rather than duel your arch-nemesis in battle, the Runners Club culture fosters the inclusive community feel. ERC races feel like running with a group of friends. Search your feelings and you’ll know it’s about doing your best and having fun.

Lower Choking Hazard


‘nough said.

Slim Up for the New Year


This one is on almost everyone’s resolution list. Don’t let the Galactic Empire crush you into believing the newest fad diet, join ERC. Running burns calories, is good for cardiovascular health, and is proven to relieve stress. Don’t let your thoughts betray you, get running!

So there you have it. Search your feelings and don’t fall for the Galactic Empire trap. The Empire Runners Club is always looking for new recruits. Sign up during your next trip to Tosche Station! We would be honored if you would join us.

And remember, try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

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