Andrea runs the Red Rocks! by Andrea Guzman

You never know who you will run into on a business trip….


Sometimes my work life takes me on the road to different travel shows and I never forget my running shoes. I often run into someone I have seen on the trade show floor out on the roads. Sometimes I get the opportunity to conduct business on a run just like a golfer would do on the golf course.

This week my travels took me to Las Vegas. A friend, Doug from Boston rented a car and invited me to join him and three ladies for a run. Five strangers started the day at 5:45am with a half hour drive to Red Rock Canyon. We all were from different parts of the U.S. and share our passion for tourism. As the sun was rising, we marveled at the beauty of these rocky trails. We would regroup and do sets of planks and push-ups to get a good workout in. We were only there for an hour but this is such a spiritual place that it energized us for the long day ahead.





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