41st Annual Phaby-Gray Resolution Run

January 1, 2020 10:00AM

The weather report promised a clear, sunny and warm day but at 7am, Wednesday, January 1st I was not prepared for the beauty of this particular sunrise. This was a sunrise that was as red-orange as a Hawaiian sunset and with it a warmth not common in the middle of winter. Ahead was simply a spectacular day for the 41st edition of the Resolution Run.

Prior to the 10am start much still had to be done: 1- course setup 2- timing tent/finish line presided by Jerry Lyman with Peter Kirk, Dale Peterson and Tori Meredith. 3- Registration, Food/Water and course Monitoring lead by Luis and Melanie Rosales and their Piner HS XC Team. As per usual, with setup complete, runners slowly made their way to Place to Play Park on 3rd Street in Santa Rosa.

As the group of runners slowly grew and milled about awaiting the starters blast, the timers readied themselves. When the 5 minute to go was announced the group had swelled to over 200 and began to congregate behind the starting line for pre race directions and a course explanation.

With an ‘On your Mark’ and a blast from the marine horn the 41st Resolution Run had begun. As the leaders finished the first loop around the soccer fields and headed toward the second loop (pond loop), 3 runners had separated themselves from the group led by former Carrillo star, Scott Kruetzfeldt, Santa Rosa Junior Andrew Mckamey and former Sonoma Valley HS star Chris Tose. A second group of 4 followed: led by former Casa Grande runner Tyler Harwood and included Masters star Brandon Bannister. The first woman to pass the 0.6mile spot was Master star Cathy Dubay, followed by Carrie Peterson-Kirby and 14yo Rebekah Skandera. The remainder of runners passed by over the next 15 minutes.

After conquering the pond loop the runners proceeded out the NW exit onto the S.R. Creek Trail heading East past the 2 mile mark, past Malibu Circle another 150+ meters to the turnaround. The runners were sent back West again toward the NE entrance back into the park behind the baseball park. By this point about 300 meters from the finish Scott Kruetzfeldt had separated himself from the pack. He was followed by Andrew McKamey and a hard charging Tyler Harwood. At the finish the order stayed the same with 1st place timed in 16:09, 2nd Place in 16:25 and 3rd Place in 16:36. The first master, 44yo Brandon Bannister crossed the line at 16:40 (an age graded All American time). The first over 50 male was 56yo Guy Shott in 18:19 (another age graded All American time). The first over 60 male was 62yo Steve Lafler at 20:52 and the first over 70 male was 71yo Lon Wiley in 22:07. There were 2 over 80 males led by 84yo Dan Tuohy and followed by the running legend, Darryl Beardall with his new high speed walker.

The race for the women’s trophy followed a similar formula to the men’s race. From the view from the finish line, the first woman to cross behind the baseball field(about 0.3 mile from the finish) was still Cathy Dubay as she had further gapped the second woman, Carrie Peterson-Kirby and finally the third woman, Rebekah Skandera was just clear of the fast closing over 60 runner, Ann Thrupp.

At the finish the top women’s order remained the same with Cathy Dubay finishing 1st in 19:48 (an age graded 90.8% All American time), Carrie Peterson-Kirby 2nd in 20:44 and Rebekah Skandera held off Ann Thrupp in 21:25. 62yo Ann Thrupp finished 2 spots behind Skandera in 21:38 (in an overall #1 age graded 91.2% All American time).

There was definitely some great racing and times throughout the participants and all 200+ runners finishing shortly after the 1 hour mark. There were a lot of grimaces and smiles at the finish with one young participant literally leaving it ALL ON the race course. Post race there were a lot of high fives and happy conversations as the runners enjoyed fruit snacks and the infamous donut holes from Park View Café and waited for age group awards and the remaining raffle prizes. The combination of an uncommonly gorgeous day and a holiday spirit made for a near perfect race (unless you were stuck in the portapotty –sic).

After Darryl “The Legend” Beardall rolled through the finish line to a cavalcade of applause and attaboys the award ceremony commenced with raffle prizes sprinkled about. The overall winners were presented with Resolution Run Hoodies (provided by Heart and Sole) and a beverage provided by Lagunitas or Costco if underage. The age group top 3 also received beverages from our sponsors and/or power bars. Raffle prizes were provided by our sponsors: Lagunitas, Fleet Feet, Costco and Sports Basement(a new sponsor). Over a 100 items were given out in awards and raffle prizes.

No race goes well without a lot of pre race planning and an experienced and dedicated race day team. I would to take this moment to thank the finish line/registration coordinator, Jerry Lyman and his timing crew (Tori Meredith, Dale Peterson and Peter Kirk), the Piner HS XC crew led by Coaches Rosales who helped with registration/food prep and course monitoring. They all did a fabulous job and make my job much more efficient. Our prize sponsors include Heart and Sole (4th and Brookwood) and Fleet Feet (W 3rd St), our specialty running shoe stores in Santa Rosa and a new late edition, Sport Basement (Costco Shopping Center), a true all sport emporium and finally Lagunitas Brewing.

I ended last years race review with I don’t think we will ever have nicer weather for another RR event and that may be true but the weather this year was pretty phenomenal and the course was pretty fast and in great shape. I hope all who attended had a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing you all again next year on yes, January 1st (2021) for the 42nd edition of the Phaby-Gray Resolution Run. And Happy New Year!

Brad Zanetti
Resolution Run Race Director.

Race Results (partial)


1st – Scott Kreutzfeldt 16:09
2nd – Andrew McKamey 16:25
3rd – Tyler Harwood 16.36

1st – Cathy Dubay 19:48
2nd – Carrie Peterson 20:44
3rd – Rebekah Skandera 21:25

Age Group:


12 and under:

1- Ruth Skandera (10) 23:08
2- Carley Schubert(12) 24:21
3- Sienna Richards(8) 28:11

13 to 19:

1- Rebekah Skandera(14) 21:25
2- Vivien Mattice(16) 22:27
3- Sarah Skandera(15) 24:12

20 to 29:

1- Sarah Labberton(28) 24:05
2- Jennifer Mason(28) 28:19
3- Ashley Boggs(28) 47:34

30 to 39:

1- Josilynn Parker(30) 22:18
2- Trista Park(35) 22:52
3- Gretchen Forrey(31) 23:04

40 to 49:

1- Carrie Peterson-Kirby(46) 20:44
2- Kerry Gesell(46) 22:40
3- Kerry Hanlon(47) 22:55

50 to 59:

1- Cathy Dubay(55) 19:48
2- Carol Dubay(56) 23:09
3- Nuvit Salz(59) 23:18

60 to 69:

1- Ann Thrupp(62) 21:38
2- Dara Hill(67) 27:40
3- Lisa Titus Isabeau(61) 27:48

70 to 79:

1- Kathleen MacPherson(79) 48:36


12 and under:

1- Paul Skandera(9) 19:56(80.3% Age Grade AA)
2- Fletcher Crowell(7) 20:42(84.1% Age Grade AA)
3-Spencer Diaz(12) 22:36

13 to 19:

1. Scott Kruetzfeldt(19) 16:09
2. Andrew McKamey(17) 16:25
3. Paden Collard(18) 16:42

20 to 29:

1- Tyler Harwood(27) 16:36
2- Patrick Lynch(20) 16:46
3- Noah Forrey(24) 16:54

30 to 39:

1. Francisco Azevedo(38) 18:56
2. Greg Murphy(37) 19:24
3. Brian Tuohy(37) 19:51

40 to 49:

1. Brandon Bannister(44) 16:40
2. Vince Viloria(42) 19:53
3. Brandon Crowell(44) 20:42

50 to 59:

1. Guy Schott(55) 18:19
2. Kenny Brown(50) 19:12
3. John Lundy(56) 19:31

60 to 69:

1. Steve Lafler(62) 20:52
2. Bob Rogers(62) 21:18
3. Frank Cuneo(64) 21:51

70 to 79:

  1. Lon Wiley(71) 22:07
  2. Asher Nathan(72) 26:29
  3. Bill Browne(71) 26:53

80 to 89:

  1. Dan Touhy(84) 48:07
  2. Darryl Beardall(83) 58:04

**Full Results on the Empire Runner site – empirerunners.org

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