Member Spotlight: Thursday Night Run with Michelle and Zach Perryman

Some of you may recognize this lovely couple from their days at Montgomery (class of ’07), or possibly even due to their relation to an official Empire Runners Club HOF inductee. In either case, they will likely become familiar faces to all of us at the Thursday night workout.

How did you two meet?
It all began with running! We were high school sweethearts – we met in track and field sophomore year.

After all these years, what made you decide to come out for an ERC Thursday night run?
M: I’m trying to get back in shape and for the good company.
Z: I heard there was going to be beer afterwards. Realistically though, it’s because we moved back to Sonoma County. It’s a little hard to make it here from Sacramento on Thursday after work.

Have you ever altered your route because you saw an attractive person?
M: No, unless it’s my husband of course.
Z: Heck yes, I changed my route on Thursday because I saw my wife from across the lake. More accurately – I would change my route if I saw a taco truck.

There you have it folks. Until next time.

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